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Main features of the kit

Easy play-plug LED Light kit

LED Light Kit

  • Cree or Osram LED.
  • 3-12 Light per kit.
  • Maximum 24pc/kit.
  • Parallel connect circle.

Remote control

  • Affordable 433MHz.
  • Not blocked by wall.
  • Max. travel over 100 meters (300 feet).
  • Welcom custom:Z-Wave (868-928 MHz), Zigbee (2.4 GHz), or Wi-Fi (2.4 / 5.8 GHz)

LED Driver

  • Waterproof or Non-waterproof.
  • Parallel or Series.
  • Non-dimmable, Dimmable, Driver&Receiver together.
  • Free custom.

Custom made

  • LED Light(Style, Size, Color, Voltage, Waterproof.)
  • Kit(Quantity & Connect way).
  • LED Driver(Lower to 100USD for custom).
  • WELCOM~!


Different power supplies:

  1. DC Adapter.
  2. Triac dimmable driver.
  3. RF Remote control driver.
  4. Wifi Remote control system.
  5. Custom Welcom!

Watch example by VLED-T104 & RF Remote controller

True color tones

As narrow as possible, as close as possible LEDs we would use for each and repeat order.


90+ Color rendering index


>0.9 power factor


Widely used for home & garden decoration:


Real Applications:


USA & Spain:


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